Dovecot releases Dovecot Anti-Abuse Shield v1.2.0

We are pleased to announce the release of Dovecot Anti-Abuse Shield v1.2.0, which is included with Dovecot Pro and works with both Dovecot Pro and OX App Suite as a component to protect against login/authentication abuse.

Anti-Abuse Shield runs on a cluster of servers, and integrates with OX App Suite and Dovecot to detect abuse, brute force attacks and also to enforce common authentication/authorization policies across the platform.

Please note: Dovecot Anti-Abuse Shield is only available for customers who have a valid Dovecot Pro license and Dovecot Pro v2.2.25.1. onwards.

New Features include:
Persistent Replicated Blacklists
Anti-Abuse Shield is able to store permanent or time-expiring entries for IP addresses and logins which are blacklisted. Blacklist entries are optionally persisted in a Redis DB, and can be replicated to all cluster members. Blacklist entries can be viewed and manipulated through Lua scripts or via the HTTP REST API.
Webhooks can be configured to send events to configured webhook endpoints, such as analytics solutions, through HTTP(S). The following events can be sent via a webhook: Report, Allow, Add Blacklist Entry, Delete Blacklist Entry and Expire Blacklist Entry.

A more detailed overview of the main functions and features of Dovecot Anti-Abuse Shield can be found at:

A Whitepaper can be found at:


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