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The Author of Dovecot, Timo Sirainen has developed the Dovecot product since 2001, and has been responsible for the open source community and for Dovecot related projects for customers. Our company DOVECOT OY with main office in Helsinki, was founded to commercialize our largely popular open source software and due to the demand by thousands of corporations of different sizes around the world. Dovecot is privately funded and owned by the original founders. Dovecot’s main business is to provide commercial modules, migration services and enterprise support for customers related to the open source Dovecot mail server. To the date, Dovecot has already hundreds of millions of end users covered by our Community support and Dovecot Installations.

Some facts about Dovecot

• The most used open source IMAP Server of the world with billions of end users
• The most standard compliant IMAP server, which supports nearly all IMAP extensions
• 2,7 Million Server installations around the world
• Brings mobile IMAP extensions to Exchange
• The Management Team around Timo Sirainen are A-Class Entrepreneurs
• Distributed with RedHat, CentOS, Ubuntu, Debian, SUSe, Mac OSX Server, FreeBSD and more
• Works with all Groupware solutions, such as Open-Xchange, SOGo, eGroupware, etc..
• Dovecot is the most scalable IMAP server available
• Dovecot’s indexes are self-optimizing, no admin work needed
• Dovecot is the highest performing IMAP server

Management Team:
Markku Kenttä – CEO and Co-Founder
Mikko Linnamäki, Co-Founder
Timo Sirainen – Chief Architect and Founder

Contact Us:
Dovecot Oy
Lars Sonckin Kaari 10
02600 Espoo
Tel. +358 44 750 1962

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Dovecot Oy | Lars Sonckin Kaari 10 02600 Espoo, Finland | Tel. +358 44 750 1962