With a an installed base of over 3.5 million email servers all over the world and a global market share of 68% of all IMAP servers (actual study: www.openemailsurvey.org), Dovecot is the IMAP server of choice for ISPs, Telcos and Enterprises everywhere in the world.

Our new commercial release Dovecot Pro 2.2 has exciting new features, for example the possibility to support the features of the commercial module “Dovecot Object Storage Plugin”, which allows a high-performance connection to cloud storage systems, such as Windows Azure, Amazon S3, Scality and Dropbox.

Developed by Timo Sirainen, Dovecot was released already in July 2002. The strengths of Dovecot include high performance, security, scalability, modularity and ease of use.

Dovecot is the standard and recommended email server in almost all operating systems, such as RedHat, CentOS and Ubuntu and Apple OSX Server.

With our professional support and services programs, together with our new commercial Dovecot modules, products and Enterprise releases, we give our customers security and confidence when they make decisions about investing to a platform to build their email services on.

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